Parts and Accessories M4A3 Sherman

Wage wireless warfare.

You don't have to be an R/Cer to enjoy 1/24 scale VsTank models. Richly detailed and imaginatively engineered, they're exciting high-tech fun for anyone - including hobbyists, gamers and military history buffs. Just add "AA" batteries and you're ready to do battle with up to six other VsTank models. Aim and fire your tank's infrared beam at an opposing tank's sensor. If you hit the target, the enemy tank stops in its tracks. After six hits, the tank is disabled...and you win!

  • Display-quality detail - from authentic camouflage colors to hand-painted soldier figures manning realistic guns.

  • Video-game style controller - operates speed, direction, turret rotation, gun barrel elevation and firing.

  • Realistic performance - with working suspension systems for all-terrain action.

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